The Future of the Private Rented Sector (PRS)

The Future of the Private Rented Sector (PRS)

Click to the video below to listen to our conversation with David Bond, head of PRS and build to rent at PRSim.  David delved into a range of topics of interest to both private and institutional landlords.

It’s worth opening up the 2018 “Tenant Survey”, as David regularly refers to research that amongst over 3,750 tenants across the UK.

Some of the general topics discussed include:

  • The work that PRSim does in the UK’s private rented sector;
  • The key findings of the 2018 “Tenant Survey” (touching on the methodology, sample size and the latest data on the build to rent sector);
  • The private rented sector’s evolution in recent years and how the 2018 survey contrasts with previous years’ research;
  • An exploration of key life-stage groups identified in the survey – namely: ‘younger independents’, ‘flexible professionals’, ‘budgeting families’ and ‘reconciled with renting’;
  • Some of the current stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the build to rent sector;
  • The financial accessibility of build to rent units (on the back of EG’s research that average rents are 6.9% above local averages);
  • How realistic is the notion that the UK is becoming a “nation of renters”, reflecting on the homeownership affordability crisis;
  • Whether renting in 2018 is borne out of choice or necessity?  How easy is it for UK renters to save for a house deposit, if that is what their ultimate aim is?
  • Barriers to entry facing renters and how the insurance industry is working with build to rent developers to offer replacement deposit schemes and other incentives;
  • The smaller private landlord’s position in the face of the rapid growth of the build-to-rent sector.


* With thanks to the British Property Federation, the photos on the first screen from left to right are of the Rehearsal Rooms (Acton, West London); affordable PRS units being developed by Sigma Capital and the Slate Yard (Manchester City Centre).

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